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Hardwood - Teak

  • Teak Decking shall be true to species (Tectona grandis linn) and shall be prepared from selected timber from Myanmar.
  • The timber shall be harvested from sustainable managed forests, endorsed by recognized authorities.
  • All decking shall be of First Quality grade, and shall be finished on four sides (S4S). One face shall be clear of defects, allowing only some defects and sapwood on the back side.
  • Color shall vary from light golden brown to dark brown. Color shall be consistent within the same lot.
  • All decking shall be kilned dried to 12-14% MC.

Physical Properties:
  • Density: 640 kg/m3 (air dried)
  • Bending: 98 MPa
  • Compression parallel : 57.7 MPa
  • Modulus of Elasticity: 126 MPa
  • Hardness: 4.2 KN
  • Shrinkage from green to oven dry: 1.5% radically & 2.5% tangentially

Packing & Handling
  • All timber shall be properly packed to prevent damage during transit.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to weather prior to installation.

  • Supports for decking shall not exceed recommended maximum spans to avoid excessive deflection, bending or twisting.
  • For fixing, generally a minimum of 2 screws shall be used across the width and a minimum distance of 15mm shall be kept from the ends. Fixing screws shall be either stainless steel or hot dip galvanized and shall be driven to sufficient depth to produce a secure fixing.

  • Natural teak will weather to an attractive silver grey color upon exposure to weather.
  • To maintain the original color, and for improved UV & water resistance, a protective oil such as Wattyl ‘Deck & Exterior Timber Oil’ may be applied over the surface.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instruction for application of protective oil to ensure compatibility.

Commonly Available Sizes
  • Thickness: 20, 25, 30, 35, 50 mm
  • Width: 89, 96 mm
  • Length: Random length, 900-3500mm with 150mm increments.

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