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Hardwood - Merbau


The timber is a Heavy Hardwood with a density of 515-1,040 kg/m3 air dry.

The timber of merbau is classified as durable under exposed conditions.

The timber is classified as very difficult to treat with preservatives. TEXTURE Texture is rather coarse but even, with interlocked grain.

Merbau is a very attractive wood, with its growth ring figure and deep colour. The timber is suitable for interior finishing, panelling, mouldings, office fittings, flooring (heavy traffic), superior joinery, cabinet-making, musical instruments, ornamental items and carvings. The timber is widely used for the manufacture of reproduction antique furniture and strip flooring in the country. It is also suitable for heavy construction, power transmission poles, railway sleepers, decking, columns (heavy duty), door and window frames and sills, fender supports, staircase (apron lining, rough bracket, baluster,balustrade, carriage, handrail, newel, riser, stringer, tread, bullnose, round end and winder), heavy duty furniture, tool handles (impact) and pallets (heavy permanent type).


Finished Sizes:

20 x 90 x 1000 (mm)

20 x 140 x 1000 (mm)

25 x 90 x 1000 (mm)

25 x 140 x 1000 (mm)

40 x 90 x 1000 (mm)

40 x 140 x 1000 (mm)

90 x 90 x 1000 (mm)

90 x 150 x 1000 (mm)

Other sizes on request.


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