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Hardwood - IPE


IPE is a tropical hardwood from South America. It is an extremely hard, dense wood with outstanding beauty, durability and performance qualities.


Ipe hardwood typically has a deep, rich brown luster with some pieces displaying a golden hue giving the wood beauty and character. It may be left to weather naturally to a silver grey hue.     


Trees routinely grow to 45 m, and can reach 60 m, with trunk diameters of 2 m and boles clear to 18 m or more. Weight varies between 960 and 1,200 kg per cubic meter with a specific gravity of 1.08.


Usually air dries rapidly with very slight checking or warping. Material can be difficult to work and difficult to saw. Hardness of material can cause a blunting effect to cutting edges. High quality carbide and diamond tipped blades are recommended as well as pre-drilling when surface fastening. Machining material generates a fine, yellow dust that may cause breathing problems and dermatitis. IPE is highly resistant to all insect and fungal attacks.

DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: Stable, minimal checking and warping


Finished Sizes:

25 x 90 x 2500 (mm)

25 x 140 x 2500 (mm)

Other sizes on request.


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