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Rice Husk Composite - Resysta


Resysta – The better wood surpasses nature´s model tropical wood in nearly all respects. It is resistant to weather, pests and fungal decay as well as splinter-, swell- and crack free. At the same time, Resysta requires minimal maintenance, is slip resistant and available in diverse shapes and colors.

All these characteristics make Resysta Decking especially suitable for areas exposed to weather or humidity.


  • Owing to Resysta’s polar properties, stains and sealing perfectly adhere to the surface
  • Resysta does not absorb water. Therefore flaking of the stains or sealing does not occur.
  • No graying of the surface
  • Barely visible changes in color, even after many years
  • High screw withdrawal resistance
  • Durability category 1 (very durable) against fungal decay
  • Very high skid resistance
  • Very low maintenance
  • Low expansion and contraction coefficient

Finished sizes:

DKG5.5/1 (N) RHC- Natural finished Hollow 25 x 140 x 2900 (mm)

DKG5.5/1 (S) RHC- Colour stained Hollow 25 x 140 x 2900 (mm)

DKG14038 (N) RHC- Natural finished Hollow 38 x 140 x 2900 (mm)

DKG14038 (S) RHC- Colour stained Hollow 38 x 140 x 2900 (mm)

FPS14025 Natural finished Solid 140 x 25 x 2900 (mm)

FPS14025 Colour stained Solid 140 x 25 x 2900 (mm)

Other sizes on request.


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